Excerpt: Wolf Caller 1: Control

Since I’m working on the last volume in the Wolf Caller series, I wanted to post a sample from the first book, Wolf Caller 1: Control for those of you who would like to know about this series.

Wolf Caller 1: Control by Silvia Violet

Serena slipped through the open doors into the courtyard and took a deep breath of the chilly night air. She’d been at the party for several hours and was beginning to grow weary of the endless, inane chatter. The evening promised no excitement. She’d broken things off with her last lover before going to the country with her cousin, and she’d not yet settled on another though she’d had several propositions.

She sat on a bench and looked up at the night sky. A couple’s laughter echoed from the far side of the courtyard, but otherwise she seemed to be alone. Her thoughts drifted to the wolf she’d met in the woods, and her heart rate sped up.

“I was told I’d find you here.”

She jumped and looked up at the man who stood beside her bench. She’d not heard him approach. Fuel-powered lanterns lined the courtyard, giving off enough light for her to see him as well as she would in the darkened ballroom. He belonged in an erotic dream. He wore his thick, dark brown hair unfashionably long, and he’d pulled it back into a queue. His eyes were light brown, almost golden. They were lit with something she could only guess was lust.

He was tall, several inches over six feet. His shoulders were so broad she feared for the seams of his black coat. The rich burgundy color of his waistcoat brought out deep red highlights in his hair. She fought to keep her eyes from drifting downward, though she desperately wanted to see if his pants fit as tightly as his coat.

“Have we been introduced?”

He lifted a brow. “Don’t you know who I am?”

She studied his face again. There was something familiar about him, but she couldn’t imagine having met this man and not remembering his name.

The beginning strains of a waltz floated onto the patio. “Shall we dance?”

Serena knew she should refuse. To please her mother, she walked a fine line between flouting convention and upholding the reputation of her family. She was always discreet with her lovers, rarely dancing publicly with them. But whoever this man was, she wanted him badly. She wasn’t going to risk him walking away.

She took his proffered hand and allowed him to help her up. She expected him to usher her inside. Instead, he pulled her into his arms and began twirling her in circles right there in the courtyard. He was a skilled dancer, and his arms felt as solid as she’d imagined them to be. He pulled her tight against his chest, and she fought the urge to lay her head on his shoulder and run her tongue along the strong line of his neck.

Serena prayed that no one would wander out from the ballroom. Not only was she dancing with a stranger, but the lack of distance between them was scandalous as was her desire to rip off his clothes and fuck him at the home of one of the Upper Circles’ biggest gossips.

The stranger slid his hand down her back, and cupped her ass, pulling her even tighter to him. His rigid cock pressed into her belly, and she groaned. He maneuvered them to the edge of the courtyard and out into the gardens. As the music faded, he pulled her onto a bench and took her mouth in a ferocious kiss.

His tongue plundered her, taking her breath and any will to protest. She put her arms around the stranger’s neck and held him against her, returning the kiss with equal ferocity. Just as she was growing desperate for air, he pulled back and looked at her, his eyes practically on fire.

“I want you.”

She smiled drunkenly. “Who are you?”

He smiled. “Lord Valmont, at your service.”

She exhaled slowly. She’d been snared by a champion seducer. She should be annoyed, but her heart pounded with anticipation. She’d been especially restless lately, and the werewolf encounter had unsettled her further. Perhaps a liaison with a dangerous man was just what she needed.

“I should have known. You have quite a reputation for seducing women without so much as a proper introduction.”

He looked suddenly serious. “I assure you. We have met.”

Serena licked her lips with deliberate slowness. “I would remember you.”

“Don’t you?”

She shook her head.

“I remember you very well.” When he smiled, Serena saw fangs.

Oh Goddess, no. The wolf. Derek Valmont wasn’t just a dangerous man. He was a werewolf.

She brushed her hands along her skirt and stood. “I should go.”

His hand closed around her wrist, like a iron cuff. “I don’t think so.”

He jerked her onto his lap and fisted a hand in her hair, holding her still. She struggled at first but soon discovered it was fruitless. He was stronger than any man she’d ever met. His lips took hers again. The need to fight drained out of her as hot, throbbing pleasure assaulted her. Her pulse pounded in her ears, and her pussy clenched with need. She’d had skilled lovers before but none of them had made her this hot this fast.

Valmont pushed her skirt up, and caressed her leg. When his hand found her slick folds, he growled against her mouth as he teased he her. His fingers flicked across her clit and down through her wetness, dipping just inside her but refusing to give her more satisfying contact.

She arched against him shamelessly. He pulled back from her lips and moved his hand from the back of her head to her breast, pinching her nipple as he finally pushed a finger deep inside her. She groaned and ground herself down on him.

“How does it feel to be the one who’s lost control?”

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