Excerpt: Wolf Caller 3: Yearning

The third installment in my Wolf Caller trilogy will be released laster this week. Here’s a little taste….

Wolf Caller 3: Yearning by Silvia Violet

“Damn it! I can’t feel a thing.”

Derek growled and pulled back. “You’re not trying hard enough.”

“The hell I’m not. I want to find Two as badly as you do.”

“Then concentrate.”

Serena’s head was ready to explode with frustration. She rose from the pillows where they’d knelt to attempt the magical work. She had to get away from Derek before she said something she’d regret. As walked away, Luke gave her a sympathetic smile and Isabel patted her arm.

“Pack leader?” Isabel used her most formal address, the best choice considering Derek’s current mood. “We need to take a break.”

“We don’t have time to take a fucking break,” Derek snarled.

Isabel sighed. “Continuing when we’re tired is not productive. We would do better to rest and try again this afternoon.”

“Fine.” Derek rose and walked to the window. He stared out at the overcast morning. Silence was as close as he would come to admitting that Isabel was right.

“I will take my leave then,” Isabel said. She smiled at Serena.

“I’m sorry,” Serena mouthed.

“It’s not your fault.” Serena read the words from Isabel’s lips.

The work she and Isabel had done to open the solar box they recently recovered from enemy hands had strengthened Isabel’s magical abilities though the two women had not gained the ease of mental communication Serena shared with Luke and Derek.

Serena and Derek had previously thought such a power boost could only come through mutual orgasm. But the physical contact she and Isabel had shared as magic had rushed through them had been enough. A temporary mind link had opened between them, and Serena’s magic had touched Isabel the same way it had Luke and Derek, giving Isabel greater physical strength and magical ability.

Serena sat on the sofa, drawing up her knees and resting her head on them. The intense magical work she and the wolves had attempted had given her a raging headache and made her achingly tired.

Since breakfast, Isabel had been coaching Serena, Derek, and Luke on using their combined magical strength to reach out and sense Agent Two, the Toulousian spy who’d discovered the Albionians ability to harness the power of the sun. Theoretically, if Luke and Derek could boost her innate abilities, Serena could focus on a particular person and pull certain thoughts from his or her mind. From Isabel’s understanding of the technique, the thoughts would come as impressions, images, or feelings rather than clear words. She would not gain the ability of general mind reading. Rather, if she focused on a particular question, she might be able to draw the answer from the person’s mind, like a forced mental interrogation.

Serena and her lovers had made three unsuccessful attempts to forge a link with Two. On the second try, Serena felt a strange warmth for a moment as if she were about to make contact, but the sensation faded as quickly as it had come and was never more than a flicker. When they tried again, she felt nothing at all.

She understood Derek’s frustration. If she could make contact with Two they could discover where he was and what his next move would be. They had to prevent Two from obtaining another of the secret solar boxes. Albion could not afford for its enemies to discover how to use this new power source.

Currently only the Prime Minister and members of a secret branch of the Office of Clandestine Affairs knew about the solar boxes. They were operated by werewolf magic, but Derek feared that if Two learned the box’s secrets he could find a witch or a wizard who could unlock it’s magical secrets.

Serena found the strength to raise her head when she heard Luke and Derek arguing in harsh whispers. Suddenly, Derek shoved Luke against the wall between the room’s two windows. The pack leader closed his hand around his lover’s neck. “Never question my orders again,” he growled.

Serena’s heart pounded, and she leapt to her feet. She caught Luke’s gaze. He shook his head nearly imperceptibly, but she ignored his warning. “Let him go.”

Derek snarled and turned to face her, keeping his hand on Luke throat. “I am pack leader here. I think the two of you need a lesson in obedience.”

Learn more here.

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