Wolf Caller 3: Yearning Available Now!

For those of you in the US, be sure to start your post-turkey dinner shopping at Changeling – downloading erotic novellas is so much less stressful thank fighting crowds at the mall 🙂

Wolf Caller 3: Yearning is available at Changeling now along with several other yummy new releases.

The fight wasn’t over yet…

Derek, Serena, and their allies must track down enemy agent Number Two
before he discovers the secrets of Albion’s latest technological
breakthrough, a magic box that can harness the power of the sun.
Serena has been honing her magical skills, but she’s going to need
every ounce of strength and concentration to help Derek and his wolves
in the fight to prevent a war between Albion and Toulousia.

But even the strongest magic will not be enough if Derek refuses to
open the last of the barriers between Serena and himself. In order to
win this fight, Serena must teach Derek how to trust, and he must heal
a deep wound in order to satisfy his yearning for true love.

Buy it here.

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