My Books



Protect and Serve (Multi-Author Series):

Savage Wolf

Companions (vampire/paranormal)

Stranger Than Fiction


Shifter’s Station (m/m/f, sci fi, BDSM)

Shifter’s Station Collection

Pilot’s Bargain 99¢ sale!

Lalation Series:

Surrender in the Dark

Submission on the Run

Seduction of the Captain (a work in progress)

Wolf Caller Series:




Faery Treasures

Cup of Revelation

Sword of Longing

Stand Alones:

Station Leave

Solstice Craving

Shadows in the Forest


Regency Intrigue Series:

A Carnal Agreement

A Persistent Attraction


To Capture A Spy

Magic in the Blood

Short Stories:

Stranger Than Fiction

A Day at the Office

Stallion’s Gambit

Stallion’s Summer

Lupercalian Feast

Snowbound: Saved by a Vampire

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